Band Heater

Band/barrel/nozzle heaters are mostly used for the heating of cylinders, nozzles and other shapes and moulds in the industry of plastic or other materials where heat is essential for melting and liquefying of these materials (various waxes, thermal filler masses, etc.).

Technical data

  • Band heaters material: sheet steel jacket and ceramics insulation
  • dimensions: from ø60mm on, width from 20mm on, according to requirements
  • working temperature: above 250°C and up to 600°C, surface load: 7W/cm²
  • voltage: 230V or 400V or other
  • connection: wire, braid, pins, or other

This heater can be supplied with thermocouple on request.
can be manufactured with custom holes or slots for thermocouples or special mounting needs (please supply a drawing or sketch / sample giving holes / cutouts and dimensions, angle of holes ,fixing of clamps etc) 

ORDERING GUIDE – Required Parameters - Very often, the Barrel / Die diameters are helpful for sizing and wattage density calculation. 

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